⚬ Why ABSO2RB? ⚬

What Are The Benefits of ABSO2RB?

ABSO2RB is the perfect mind and body natural energy supplement for everyone. It is plant-based, oxygen-enhanced, and offers better focus, more energy and recovery.

☰ Focus ☰

ABSO2RB is rising in popularity due to its unique and synergistic blend of nutrients, which include Vitamin C and B, Zinc, and Magnesium Dioxide. These nutrients and vitamins work together to optimize and improve your cognitive functions: alertness, memory and mental attitude.

☰ Energy ☰

One of ABSO2RB’s most exciting benefits is the fact that it is known as an organic energy supplement, meaning it is a vitamin for less fatigue and more energy. Its oxygen-enhanced formula is made to give you an extra boost in performance, no matter what you require that extra energy for. Athletes and people from all backgrounds use ABSO2RB to help naturally get them throughout the day.

☰ Recovery ☰ 

Perhaps the most intriguing benefit of ABSO2RB is that it contains restorative compounds pulled directly from nature. This includes 11 of the highest-grade amino-acids, Iodine and Copper. Why is that important? Because it can dramatically enhance your body’s recovery timeframe for anything from daily stress to fitness recovery in serious athletes.

But ABSO2RB’s benefits don’t stop there. With our plant-derived and activated minerals, you can experience a bioavailable supplement which can be more easily utilized by your body. The specific benefits people report include helping in the following areas:

⚬ Cognitive function
⚬ Memory
⚬ Mood enhancement
⚬ Emotional stabilization
⚬ Respiratory/sleep apnea
⚬ Fatigue
⚬ Immune deficiencies
⚬ Blood pressure
⚬ Cholesterol levels
⚬ Detoxification
⚬ Weight loss (thyroid disorders)
⚬ Anemia
⚬ Type 2 Diabetes
⚬ Osteoporosis
⚬ And more!

As you can already feel, the positive effects which ABSO2RB can contribute to are many. And no, this is not a magic pill. It is simply a mind and body supplement which provides your body with powerful and natural nutrients that it might be lacking.

What Is ABSO2RB Made Of?

ABSO2RB has an Ascophyllum Nodosum base, which is a species of dark green, deep cold water sea kelp that is harvested off the coast of Greenland. This rare form of kelp is slowly dried at temperatures that never go above 98°. The reason for this low temperature curing process is to preserve the mineral and amino-acids integrity and efficacy. Then the kelp is ground into a fine powder and mixed with other vitamins. This mix forms a complete dietary supplement, which is one of the most nutritious supplements available in the health industry today.

Kelp is a sea vegetable with concentrated amounts of virtually all known minerals and trace minerals, including Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, and amino-acids, in an enzymatically active or “living” form. These nutrients are bioavailable for the body’s use because they have been previously absorbed and digested by the plant, which has changed them into an easily-assimilated form.

Iodine, a notable mineral found in kelp, is primarily involved in the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones regulate and maintain normal cellular metabolism, as well as enhancing conversion of adipose tissue (body fat) into energy.

Ascophyllum Nodosum has also been shown to help rid the body of radioactive minerals and heavy metals that may have steadily collected in the organs and tissues over time.

But Why Use a Plant-Based Mineral Supplement?

Most of the vitamin or mineral formulations available today usually contain less than 15 minerals. But why? Well, because most formulations are derived from cheap sources such as clay, shale, rocks or soil.

These minerals are called metallic hydrophobic minerals and are extremely difficult to digest. Matter of fact, many nutritional experts believe that less than 8% of these metallic-based elemental minerals can actually be assimilated (absorbed) into the body. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach just isn’t strong enough to dissolve these minerals during its short digestive cycle.

Let’s break this down with an example. If you take a 500 milligram tablet of most vitamins / minerals, less than 40 milligrams will actually be absorbed for metabolic activity!. This is a waste of almost 92% of the original supplement that is ultimately excreted through the body’s waste system!

On the other hand, plant derived minerals (hydrophilic) are considered enzymatically active or “living” minerals. These minerals are completely bioavailable to the body because plants have already assimilated and/or digested, and turned them into water soluble minerals which your body can readily and easily use.

And that is why ABSO2RB contains ONLY hydrophilic minerals, amino-acids and plant nutrients that can be 100% absorbed by your body! 

What About The Oxygen Component?

Oxygen is not only necessary, it is critical for nutrient assimilation and a key factor in producing metabolic energy. ABSO2RB contains a tremendous amount of oxygen trapped in the crystal-like lattice shaped molecules (similar to air bubbles trapped in ice) of Magnesium Dioxide. This oxygen is potentiated and released gradually as the Magnesium Dioxide reacts with the Vitamin C complex.

Also, without this energy, cells can’t assimilate vitamins, minerals and amino-acids for their normal cellular functions. A well-balanced dietary supplement is critically essential for total weight management and nutritional health. Few people realize that vitamins and amino-acids are almost totally ineffective without an adequate supply of essential and trace minerals. 

The Importance of Mineral Magnesium

Magnesium plays a critical role in the duplication of RNA and DNA. It also activates many of the enzymes that speed up chemical reactions that occur in the body, including catalase, which is used by the body to metabolize hydrogen peroxide to release oxygen.

It is also believed that a deficiency in Magnesium may contribute to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s Chorea and Parkinson’s, cardiac arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, hypertension and may well be the critical risk factor at the heart of many cardiovascular diseases.

ABSO2RB is a natural daily multivitamin that helps improve your foundation of vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. And it works! You will definitely feel the difference!