Benefits of Abso2rb

Abso2rb, the natural energy supplement with exceptional absorption rates, blends together three key benefits - focus, energy, and recovery. Keep reading to learn more about what plant-based, supplemental oxygen can do for you!

Focus - Abso2rb’s synergystic blend of nutrients such as B and C vitamins, magnesium dioxide and zinc are highly effective at improving cognitive function: memory, alertness and mental attitude. This is the result of using this wild ocean harvested source.

Energy - Abso2rb’s powerful oxygen-enhanced formula is designed to ensure your body is fueled for optimal performance whether you are a high-performance athlete, yoga mom or just want to give yourself the endurance you need to tackle the day.

Recovery - Abso2rb contains some of the most effective and restorative compounds found in nature, including: 11 of the highest grade amino acids, copper and iodine, to name a few. This can drastically improve your body’s ability to recover from simple things like daily stress to more complex issues such as strenuous exercise recovery.